Medical Residency

Top Challenges Faced In Medical Residency

Medical residency can involve exceptional work, a rigid education schedule, personal life demands, and much more. Such a burden can leave anyone frustrated. The challenges faced in medical residency can make it difficult to excel. 

As a result, residency can be chaotic and frustrating sometimes. However, one can take control and become familiar with the challenges. Once familiar with issues with medical residency, it will become easier to deal with and overcome them. 

To help medical residents overcome every issue, this article comprises the top challenges of medical residency. 

Challenges in medical residency you must know. 

  1. Time management

Time can become a precious commodity during the residency years. Residents will be expected to read, study, and prepare for exams aside from patient care. Taking calls, teaching, researching, and keeping staff updated about the attending can be additional responsibilities for medical residents. 

As a result, medical residents feel strapped and overwhelmed with such tasks and jobs. Also, every resident might need time for themselves and their personal life. In a nutshell, time management can become tiring and ultimately become a challenge. 

  1. Finance 

Finances are one of the biggest challenges faced by several medical residents. You would be surprised to know that the financial position of medical residents is incomparable to that of any other professional field. The medical profession requires individuals to begin with a six-figure debt, yielding only an average starting income of $50,000. 

Medical residents might also need to move, purchase a home, and have children in their lifetime. In such cases, finances can become burdensome. However, medical residents can shape decisions and habits to set the tone for a sound and secure financial state. 

  1. Work demands 

Residents are constantly required to learn a lot. While medical residents might be a doctor, they will be needed to continuously learn and seek guidance under the authority of their seniors. Medical residents might need to keep up with new developments in the field. 

Otherwise, knowledge can appear and make it challenging for the medical resident to tackle work demands effectively. Sadly, there is no universal approach to how a medical resident can learn everything about the field to treat patients. However, one can create a unique schedule to keep up with the demands. 

  1. Interpersonal work relationships 

Senior residents and attendants might only sometimes treat medical residents politely. Harsh treatment of medical residents can create a significant impact. A study indicated that several medical residents faced workplace abuse. No medical resident should tolerate any form of harsh treatment and must contact an attorney to handle their case legally. 


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