Calmer Environment

5 Ways Incense can Create a Calmer Environment for Your Home

Incense burning has been around for millennia and is still very popular today. The process uses plant-based materials in stick, cone or coil form, to release fragrant and enjoyable aromas when burnt. This article provides a brief overview of the potential benefits you could gain from burning incense in your home.

Potential benefits:

  1. Reduces anxiety and stress

Some scents have been known to aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Lavender is widely used as a scent as it is reported to reduce anxiety for some people.

  • Aids sleep

Lavender is also a scent used as it is considered to aid sleep. Additionally, frankincense, a resin with calming properties, may be used to enhance your sleep routine. Try burning frankincense or lavender incense on your nightstand.

  • Stimulates creativity

The soothing scents and meditative effects of incense can help you to clear your mind and concentrate more effectively, which could stimulate creativity.

  • Creates a pleasant atmosphere

Through the enjoyment of a lovely scent, incense can create a pleasant atmosphere in the home. This can generate feelings of contentment and calm, as well as having mood-boosting benefits.

  • Promotes physical and mental wellbeing

The use of incense burning can be seen as a type of aromatherapy practice. Aromatherapy has the potential to increase the physical and mental well-being of an individual through the use of scents.

Suggestions before using incense

If you intend to go and buy incense after reading this article, there are some suggestions you should consider before you do.

Before purchasing incense, it is suggested that you buy high quality incense. If you go down the cheaper route, there is a high chance the incense will likely be made with low-quality materials and synthetic fragrances. These could be a pollutant, especially when they are burned in confined spaces. Also have a look at the list of ingredients before buying, to see which resonates the most with you.

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