Aftermath of a Lyft accident in Jersey City: Call an attorney

We all rely on Lyft and Uber rides to go around, and while both services are equally popular in Jersey City, people also end up in ridesharing accidents too often. A mishap on the road could be anyone’s fault, but if you are in a cab that’s operated by Lyft, you may have the right to seek compensation from the company after an accident. This is only when the ridesharing app is “on”, and you are a booked passenger. However, dealing with the claims process alone may not be the smartest idea. In this post, we are sharing key details about hiring a Lyft accident lawyer in Jersey City

Lyft and the insurance company are not working for you.

Lyft is bearing a loss for every successful claim, typically through insurance premiums. The insurance company, on the other hand, is interested in the premiums and not claims, and therefore, you are really on your own. You cannot expect any sympathy or help from the other side, and if you try negotiating the claim, the insurance adjuster will try to settle things as low and as quickly as possible. Before you talk to the claims adjuster or give a statement, consider talking to an attorney. A proficient attorney knows what it takes to negotiate a settlement and can walk you through the process. 

Top accident lawyers have experience

Many personal injury lawyers handle claims and lawsuits concerning Uber and Lyft accidents on a regular basis. They know the drill, the state laws, and what it takes to gather evidence. You need a lawyer because there is no alternative to experience and expertise. Lawyers can also see insurance tactics and help you discuss the settlement in a more aggressive manner. While most matters are settled amicably through discussion, you can expect your lawyer to file a Lyft accident lawsuit when needed. 

You don’t have to pay the lawyer now

Most Lyft accident lawyers don’t work on an hourly rate. The standard norm is a contingency fee, which is a share of your compensation. The lawyer will charge 30-40% of your payment as their share if you win. If you are in financial distress and wondering whether you can afford an attorney for your Lyft accident claim, you know that hiring legal help is not expensive immediately. 

Call a Lyft accident lawyer today and schedule a consultation to know your rights and interests.


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