What are The Advantages And Disadvantages of E-Wills?

There has been a significant surge in demand for online will among people after the pandemic. The practice of social distancing has changed almost every field and transformed them into online formats. Electronic will have been gaining much attention due to the easy process and lack of physical form. They do not require physical signs or storage or any witnesses.  Most of the tasks are done with the help of a digital platform. 

The process of accessing and sharing will also become convenient. Numerous features are instilled with time as developments take place in the technological fields. There are also expected chances of automation in specific procedures, which will help expedite the probate process. Contact Cherry Hill NJ Probate Lawyers to check if you are eligible to create an electronic will.  


The benefits of E- wills are as follows:

  1. They are easy to make.

Due to their electronic form, they do not require physical equipment like paper, pen, or other things to draft the will. They can be created easily with the help of phones or laptops. People who are technologically challenged or inexperienced can see the help of estate planning professionals to get assistance in the process. 

  1. They are at less risk for destruction.

Electronic wills are not in the form of paper. Therefore, they are unlikely to get torn. Unlike paper wills, it is also impossible to lose or steal them. There are numerous instances where testators need to remember the location of their will after keeping it away or forget when or where they filed it. This leads to several issues later, which are eliminated in the case of electronic wills. 


The disadvantages of electronic wills are as follows.

  1. Hacking

E-wills have gained popularity only recently, so there are certain loopholes in the technical aspects. It requires a lot of changes and more development to make it safer for use. The current condition is prone to hacking and identity theft. It must be kept in mind to ensure that you will contain several steps for verifying the identity before allowing access. This helps in filtering people and protecting them from harm. 

  1. Intestacy

Losing or deleting electronic wills can lead to severe consequences. The state will be passed through the process of probate with court intervention to ensure that the deceased person’s properties are divided among the beneficiaries in a fair. The probate process can be lengthy and expensive; therefore, it must be avoided at all costs.

  1. Recognition

The law only accepts electronic wills in some states. Therefore, it may cause issues when the testator or beneficiary shifts to another state.

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