Can I take Vitamin C Chewable Tablets Daily?

         Some people like to take health supplements in order to maintain their health. However, not all supplements are healthy. Nowadays, there are a lot of products that claim they are a good health supplement. In fact, they don’t even have the approval from the ministry of health and are not safe to be consumed. One of the supplements that is very well-known and safe to be used is vitamin C tablets. Vitamin C tablets are usually sold in chewable form, meaning you can chew this supplement like chewing gum. It can be bought in many stores such as health stores or pharmacies nearby your area. This vitamin is essential to your body. This means that your body does not have the ability to produce or create vitamin C. You need to take vitamin C from an outside source. The most popular source for vitamin C is fruits and vegetables. They contain a lot of vitamin C you can wish for. Fruits or vegetables such as kale, spinach, berries, oranges, kiwi, broccoli and tomatoes are great sources of vitamin C. Some people also like to consume vitamin C through supplements. There is no difference when compared to fruit and vegetables because the content is the same.

         However, those who like to consume vitamin C chewable tablets need to make the right choices. There are a lot of fake or unproven products in this world. So, you need to do your homework or simply refer to your doctor before deciding to purchase any vitamin C supplement. Besides, you also need to read the labels in order to make sure it is a legit and safe product. Usually, you need to take vitamin C chewable tablets once daily. But, this all depends on the product itself. To be sure, you can always refer to the instructions or ask your doctor for his confirmation. There are some products who advise taking vitamin C supplements more than once daily. So, be sure to check the information before deciding to consume it. Once you know the instructions, then you need to take it regularly.

         Some problems may arise if you take this supplement without following the instructions. Usually, taking not enough vitamin C will cause malnutrition to your body. When this happens, your body will not be able to function normally. Besides, taking too much vitamin C will also do harm to your body. It is recommended to take not more than 2000 mg of vitamin C per day. You will get some symptoms that indicate vitamin C overdose if that happens. Some usual symptoms of taking too much vitamin C are headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramp, heartburn, skin flush, fatigue, sleepiness or insomnia. However, this list is exclusive and some other people might experience something different when taking too much vitamin C. If you feel you are experiencing symptoms because of taking too much vitamin C, then it is recommended for you to meet your doctor as soon as possible because if you don’t or late, then your condition might get worse. Once you meet your doctor, he will assess you and decide what is the best treatment for you.

         But, the situation mentioned above is the worst case scenario. You can easily avoid this situation if you read the label, follow the instructions and stick with it without altering anything. Usually, vitamin C is harmless. But, it might go wrong if either you take it too low or too high. So, make sure you use and take vitamin C in the correct way in order to maximize your immunity.

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