In the last article, we explained that the Finnish plant TEKNOS produces solvent-based wood preservatives: WUDEX BASE and JAWA, which do not freeze and do not lose their working properties in severe frost. But if you want to antiseptic wood in winter, you should always understand that frozen wood loses its ability to absorb any liquids and antiseptics. The penetration of biocidal components into frozen wood is physically impossible.

Another objective fact is that at subzero temperatures the development of mold and rot spores is impossible. If our region had a stable subzero temperature in winter, there would be no need to antiseptic wood until spring. However, on the days of the winter thaw, the risk of biological damage to wood increases due to wet plus weather. Our long-term partners – house-building companies – have a successful experience of using Teknos wood preservatives in such weather conditions. In addition, they believe that the main condition for preserving wood must be observed: to exclude wood from getting wet due to prolonged contact with water and atmospheric moisture, as well as to ensure good air exchange. That is, construction timber should not be stored on the ground, in puddles and melted snow,


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